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North Shore Rolling Stock Inc. (NSRS) is a Canadian locomotive parts supplier located in Vancouver, BC. Servicing the Canadian market for the reselling of genuine parts for the heavy industrial mining and railway transport industries around the globe.

Our mission is to provide the best service for our customers and grow our network from supplying to delivering and custom procedures.

Who we are :


North Shore Rolling Stock (NSRS) Inc., is a quality manufacturer and supplier of high-quality assembly components and spare parts for locomotives, freight cars and passenger coaches. Our team also has extensive experience in troubleshooting and repair on UTEX and outright basis with capabilities to provide technical support and training, as well as, managing projects and providing consulting services. NSRS’s strong OEM ties and comprehensive knowledge and field experience allows the company to be in a position to provide strong and unparalleled service and support.

NSRS has made it its mission to manufacture and supply assemblies and spare parts with the utmost quality at an affordable price to help consumers maintain their fleet at a reasonable cost compared to OEM components. This mission is combined with a vision to establish long-term relationship with consumers by values upon which NSRS was based, to provide exceptional service and support that distinguishes NSRS from competitors. All the products manufactured by NSRS are fully compliant with AAR-M1003 or ISO 9001 quality management programs and supported by a comprehensive warranty policy that will bring a peace of mind to our valued customers.



Distributorship and Supply Chain

Over the years in business, NSRS has successfully built excellent relationships with numerous high-quality manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts and assemblies. These relations have given NSRS the ability to offer volume distributorship price bracket for virtually all range of rolling stock fleet. NSRS has developed a comprehensive data base of manufacturers and suppliers and as a result has the capability to locate all parts and components within a short time period which led to the company motto “If we can’t make it, we’ll locate it”.

Engineering and Design

North Shore Rolling Stock Inc. has designed a diverse set of products across a broad range of rolling stock equipment, which can be found in a wide variety of assemblies in different type of locomotives and freight cars. NSRS’s portfolio expand across multiple avenues, such as, developing products from concept to production, replacing OEM products with better efficiency and lower cost. NSRS has proven time after time that has the capability to design products that not only meet OEM requirements but also exceed them as well.

NSRS also has the capability to design and produce components that are no longer supported by OEM through reverse engineering program designed – which includes design, material analysis, fatigue and stress analysis, casting simulation, heat treatment, and hardening process – to produce virtually any part or component.

Where you can find us:

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